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Karen Stewart

B.Comm. Grad Cert. (Business Admin.) Grad Cert (Soc. Research) Grad Dip. (Counselling).

Karen’s journey of Self Knowledge began with her interest in getting to know the self and what life is all about consciously from about age 16. She spent time trying with her keenest ear to be open and still enough to hear what God had to say to her. Karen asked questions and tried to understand what it was all about, and what it was all for, whilst questioning any attempts at indoctrination from schooling and church and any other source!

Karen began her journey of self discovery from a base of Christian theory and practice in her schooling and family life. Later, from age 19 and with encouragement from her family, meditation and chanting became a regular part of her life. She was in regular attendance at the early 90's Siddha Yoga centre in Canberra, and later in Sydney. Siddha Yoga is a type of meditation and chanting Yoga based in the ancient Vedic tradition - a spirituality that came before Buddhism. Karen continued to attend intensive meditation weekends, participate in chanting recitations and Siddha yoga workshops until the birth of her first child. Since then she has explored Buddhism also, attending classes in Tibetan Buddhism with a Lay Monk in Canberra in 2012 - 2013.

As well as post-graduate studies in the area of Social Research and then a Master in Counselling, Karen has read widely in many associated areas - including Jungian thought, Emotion Focussed Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Self Psychology. Karen has an interest in Trauma and it's resolution and integration within a person. She has participated in movement workshops and explored trauma theory and it's links with body awareness, and movement, combined with verbal psychotherapy. Karen continues to read and learn about mind, body and spirit, participating in regular peer/mentor work groups studying Self Psychology and Somatic Movement Psychotherapy. Karen receives regular professional supervision with a focus on these areas.

Karen began her working life as an auditor and financial accountant, and then as a business and finance manager across 18 years from 1994.

Karen trained and volunteered as a foster carer with Barnardos Australia from 2006 – 2016, participating in many training opportunities regarding understanding behaviours, general and trauma informed parenting and trauma informed care.

During this time, while being the primary carer for 3 children and looking for the right work path for her to continue on with, she worked as a swimming teacher for several years, and as a learning support teacher, supporting a class with several special needs children for a couple of years. In 2013, Karen studied study Social Research at the ANU. After deciding Social Research was still too removed from working directly with people, she began her Post Grad. qualifications in Counselling at the University of Canberra in 2014. This decision was informed by her work with parents who have had their children removed from their care as well as a desire to share her self and her work in the most useful way to people in our community.

In 2015, Karen moved from working with parents and families, to working with individual clients who have experienced trauma at the ACT Trauma and Support Service. Her role also included working with Standby Support Service (a suicide bereavement service) and within the ACTAS wellbeing program. Karen worked with people who experienced trauma from motor vehicle accidents and who had experienced a sudden death well as other traumatic incidents and general counselling.

In 2016 Karen participated in her University placement at an adult correctional facility (the Alexander Maconochie Centre). At the AMC she was a Mental health Professional within the Corrections Psychological Support Services team conducting intake and other assessments, as well as providing ongoing therapeutic intervention for detainees referred for psychological support. Following on from that placement, Karen was offered a paid contract at the prison. Since 2016 Karen has worked as a Crisis Intervention worker and Court Advocate. Karen began to see clients privately in 2017.

Karen expects to complete her Masters in Counselling in 2018, and will continue to study Somatic Movement Psychotherapy and Self- Psychology and with participation in peer groups and mentorship and regular supervision from qualified professionals. Her learning is an ongoing personal and professional process that will cease when she does!

Graduate Diploma of Counselling, University of Canberra.
Master of Counselling candidate.
Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia Intern Registrant 24364.

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