Karen Stewart - Philosophy

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I believe that all people are innately creative and clever. Through our unique experiences in life, we have responded creatively and cleverly to survive and adapt to our situation and our lived history.

As children we may have withdrawn and hid, or ran, or fought, and developed any number of techniques for survival of our selves - our precious, sensitive feeling selves, as well as our physical selves.

Psychotherapy, in fact any kind of therapy, aims to release any stuckness caused by held experiences from the past and held emotions that have saved us in the past, but that are no longer relevant or useful in the way we employ them now. We can get by ok in the world with a wide variety of old patterns still guiding us, and that’s ok - we are clever survivors! However, if you have the feeling that there is a better, or different way of being that you would like to feel for yourself, then psychotherapy with a qualified skillful person is one way to go about achieving this.

Self-actualisation (or self-realisation), is a process of self discovery which is one which leads to increased freedom in feeling, thinking, living and loving:

  • I work from a humanist perspective. This means that I believe that throughout our life we can consciously choose to continue to develop to be free flowing feeling beings with the ultimate goal of self-actualisation. This is a process which finds freedom and flow to help us cope with the pain and angst in our lives, bringing us to get to really know and love ourselves. 

I work with you to discover your inner dynamic experience of feeling and sensing:

  • I work in a somatic psychodynamic way which means I will ask you how things feel in your body. Together we will explore by learning to find the words to describe this, as you learn to feel your inner sensations. I may suggest some gentle movements to help to release what you are feeling inside. Learning how your body feels from your subjective point of view, linked with the thoughts that arise in your mind, connected to people and places and even nondescript experiences will be explored. Breathing and body posture are linked also to your somatic sensations, and your dynamic experience of feeling and sensing.

I am trauma trained and work with trauma informed, gentle, safe methods:

  • It is not necessary to be re-exposed to traumatic memories in order to heal from them. We will work together with how you are in this moment in a safe and gentle way. The aim of trauma informed psychotherapy is to create a safe ‘now' and a hopeful contented future for you to move through and into. 

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